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Content Writer: Shubham S Nimje


Published on: Sat Feb 03 2024Updated on: Mon Feb 05 2024

For medical professionals seeking to specialize in a particular field through a post-diploma National Board of Examinations (NBE) program, the DNB PDCET (Diplomate of National Board Post Diploma Centralized Entrance Test) serves as the crucial gateway. This exam opens doors to various post-diploma DNB courses, empowering practitioners to enhance their expertise and career prospects. This article demystifies the DNB PDCET, equipping you with essential information and strategic guidance to achieve your DNB aspirations.

Understanding the Essentials:

  • What is it? The DNB PDCET is a nationwide entrance exam conducted by the NBE for admission to various post-diploma DNB programs.
  • Who conducts it? The National Board of Examinations (NBE), the autonomous board responsible for conducting medical examinations in India, administers the exam.
  • When is it held? The exam typically takes place in May, and the notification is usually released a few months beforehand.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Medical Qualification: Must possess a recognized postgraduate medical diploma awarded by an institution recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Registration: Be registered with the State Medical Council/Dental Council.
  • Internship Completion: Have completed the mandatory rotating internship after MBBS or the internship attached to the diploma course.

Exam Structure:

The DNB PDCET is a single-stage, computer-based test:

  • Format: Objective type, 120 multiple-choice questions, 2 hours duration.
  • Marking Scheme: Four marks for each correct answer, minus one mark for incorrect answers.
  • Syllabus: Covers the broad spectrum of the relevant diploma subject along with basic medical sciences.

Preparation Strategies:

  • Start early: Initiate your preparation months before the exam to comprehensively cover the syllabus.
  • Follow the NBE syllabus: Adhere strictly to the official NBE syllabus to focus your efforts on relevant topics.
  • Utilize standard textbooks and resources: Refer to recognized textbooks and study materials aligned with the DNB curriculum.
  • Practice previous years’ papers: Solve past question papers to understand the exam pattern, question difficulty, and frequently tested topics.
  • Consider coaching classes (optional): Explore joining coaching institutes for structured guidance, mock tests, and expert insights.
  • Time management is crucial: Practice solving questions within the stipulated time to avoid last-minute pressure.
  • Stay updated: Keep abreast of recent advancements and guidelines relevant to your chosen post-diploma specialization.

Additional Resources:

  • NBE website: https://natboard.edu.in/
  • DNB PDCET notification and syllabus: Obtained from the NBE website
  • Medical textbooks and journals related to your chosen specialization
  • Coaching institutes (optional)


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